Use these tips to make your new house a home

You have just walked through the front door of your new home, and you are ecstatic. Finally, you have a place that is truly yours. Making your new house feel like home is an important step in the homeownership process. Simply owning a house does not automatically make it your home. You need to imbue it with your own personal style, and turn it into a warm and inviting place. Here at SMart Realty, we wanted to give a few tips to help turn your newly purchased house into a place that you love to call home.



  • Prepare your closet: While there are many essentials that need to be unpacked when your first move into a new house, clothes are often overlooked. By getting all of your clothes unpacked and put away, you won’t have to worry about digging through boxes to find your favorite clothes.
  • Make your bed: Even if the rest of your new bedroom could pass for a box fort, having your bed completely set up and made will make the room feel like yours. We all naturally associate our bed with “home”, so having your bed set up and ready to go will make your new house feel like home sooner.
  • Clean: While cleaning isn’t the most fun activity, it’s a great way to become familiar with your new house. When you clean a space you become invested in it.
  • Set up some lamps: While overhead lights are perfectly adequate when it comes to illumination, they can cause a new house to feel sterile and empty. To alleviate this problem, set up some lamps in the rooms you will be spending the most time in early on. Lamps provide warmer, gentler illumination that makes any room instantly more appealing.
  • Internet makes everything better: While not the most important detail to worry about right away, having internet access is easily in the top five of most people’s list of priorities when moving into a new house. Having internet allows you to play music, watch videos, and handle essential tasks while you get the rest of your home in order.



With these quick and easy tips, you will have your new house feeling like home in no time. If you haven’t yet made a decision on purchasing your new home, contact us today at SMart Realty! We have a proven track record of helping Conway residents find the home of their dreams, and we believe that we can provide the same service to you.